Friday, January 13, 2012


This was a very eventful year! We have been very blessed and are grateful for all that we have learned! Our biggest treasure is the joy Leonie brings to us. She is the cutest, smartest baby ever and is getting quite mischievous. She is also developing a great sense of humor and thinks her mom and dad ar very funny.
She took her first flight in January when she was six weeks old. We flew to Nevada where she was given a name and a blessing, and introduced to both families. On this trip she decided that she wanted to start putting herself to sleep. (That lasted until June when we moved)
Some other exciting events that happened to us include finding out that we would be moving to Hawaii, Erin finishing her master’s degree (despite uncooperative technology), Jason finishing classes for his doctorate and moving in with Erin’s sister Keri for a few weeks.
On June 15th we moved to Hawaii where we stayed in a hotel on the beach until July. Then Jason went to camp in Texas and Erin moved to a different (far scarier) motel. Fortune smiled on her and instead of staying there for 3 weeks as planned she was only there five days before the household goods arrived and she and Leonie were able to move into the house. During this time Leonie finally learned to roll and crawl.
That is when the fun started! With Jason in Texas, Erin and Leonie spent a lot of money buying new furniture, decorations, and other paraphernalia for the house. They were also able to unpack and organize everything the way Erin wanted. This was a challenge as their living space almost doubled and Erin was confused with the fact that there was a place for everything… All the while Jason was playing in the mud, sleeping with an m16, and learning how to use a compass and map (oh wait he already knew that); all important skills for a psychologist.
September 20th Jason came home! Despite the worries of her parents, it did not take long for Leonie to get used to Jason again! About three days later, for Erin’s birthday, Jason bought himself a motorcycle. Shortly after that he was in an accident while riding said motorcycle. No lasting injury was sustained, but he was on crutches for about 2 months.
In October, Leonie and Erin got to go to Las Vegas (and Alamo) for 2 months. Because of this, and the fact that our car has a manual transmission (which crippled people can’t drive) we bought another car! In November we had Leonie’s birthday party! She loved the wrapping paper and boxes…the gifts were okay too.
Jason has been working like a maniac and is basically done with his dissertation. We are looking forward to having weekends and holidays when we can actually relax. Maybe life will settle down soon 

Friday, December 10, 2010

She's Here!

Here is a little news from the Mouritsens. Erin was scheduled to be induced Monday November 15th, felt pretty awful all day Friday. After tossing in bed for two hours Friday night she finally moved to the couch around 11 PM. That was when she admitted that she had been having contractions…. Not to worry she had a good book and they were not that painful or close together. Around 2 A.M. she decided that five minutes apart for an hour was good enough to wake Jason (who happened to be mad that she did not wake him sooner to time them). He paged the Dr. who said to go to the hospital. Unfortunately Erin was hardly dilated and the nurse wanted to send her home after awhile. Right then her Dr. called the nurse and told her to start the pitocin. Wow! was Erin grateful not to be sent home still having contractions! Well the night wore on as did the morning. Erin was determined not to get an epidural… until her water broke and the real contraction started. After the epidural she fell asleep and got some much needed rest (she had not been sleeping much for about a week). The Dr. kept popping in and out between C-sections and other deliveries. Finally it was Erin’s turn. The nurse was getting everything ready when the Dr. came in saying that there was an emergency C-section that needed to be done. Bless the nurse’s heart she refused to let the Dr. leave until the baby was out! Not much later Leonie Ruby Mouritsen was born Saturday November 12th , 2010 at 3:12 P.M. She was 7 lbs. 8oz 20 inches long. The Dr immediately tossed her up on Erin and after crying for about three minutes she just stared into the faces of her proud parents. Jason quickly text Grandma Wilson as she was just about to leave Las Vegas to tell her Leonie had arrived!
After awhile they took away the baby (and Jason) to get her cleaned up and wheeled Erin into recovery where she hoped to sleep for a little while. No such luck! From that time on there were so many hospital staff coming in and out of her room that she pleaded with her Dr to let her leave early. When told the reason he agreed and The Mouritsens have been enjoying a little peace and quiet, plus a lot of help from Grandma at home. Leonie is a very good baby who can cry when necessary, but would rather not. She is very strong and from the first day home insisted in holding up her own head to look around and in doing leg lifts. She has tighter abs than a lot of adults I know!
After the Dr. appointment Friday, she weighs 7lbs 5 oz and is healthy and beautiful! Jason and Erin are ecstatic to have an addition to their family and are enjoying this new adventure! Although Erin is not sure how she will survive without Grandma….

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Leonie's mom

So, I am sitting here waiting for dinner to cook and avoiding home work and house work and decided I would write a quick note. I got our mail on Monday and was very surprised and a little annoyed to discover that I was being summoned to jury duty. Now don't get me wrong, some day I would really like to experience the process. I just think it is a little much to expect of me at 8 months pregnant. I would have to get myself down town and either find parking (aaaaaaaah!) or walk from the blue line station. I don't mind taking the train, but the 20 some odd (by then I am sure it will be 30 some odd) pounds that I have recently gained make it a lot harder to walk than it used to be. Plus most of you are familiar with my sense of direction... Maybe I should say my lack of a sense of direction. I was getting stressed out just thinking about it! Luckily I had a Dr. appointment Thursday and the Dr. took pity on me. He said if it was already stressing me out that I should skip it. He wrote me a note which I promtply faxed. Much to my delight, I recieved a letter excusing me from jury service at this time.... Now when March comes along who knows what will happen!
I had another ultra sound at this appointment and everything looks good. The baby is 3 lbs and 1 oz (I had to add the one once) and her mother is gaining weight very quickly. Oh well it was bound to happen seeing as how I am eating for two (and some days three or four! My students have stopped asking me if the baby came out yet, I guess it is even obvious to a four year old that I am pregnant. They often inform me that "When I hug you I am actually hugging the baby", "that hug was for the baby" and other such kind pieces of information. Oh well I knew this day would come! At least they are honest. Soon I will have lost my identity completely and will have become "Leonie's mom". I see that everyday... :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

That is when the reason for his fidgetiness became apparent. While "getting his jacket" he had pulled the ring out of his suitcase and slipped it into his pocket... They pocket she kept sticking her freezing hand in. Thank heavens for the fire truck!
After a few minutes more of cuddling and trying to admire her ring without letting her hand freeze the prince and princess noticed that they vehicle they were riding in had slowed. Which is hard when it is already slow. The driver kept trying to get the attention of other carriage drivers. Finally he caught the attention of one and asked him to follow us back. Apparently there was something wrong with the wheel. We didn't care! We were just happy to be together and finally officially engaged. When we got back to temple square the princess insisted they find a bathroom. While the prince was busy going to the bathroom the princess was busy using the light to admire her ring. Which she discovered she really did love.
It had been a long day and they were both tired, so they headed to Wellsville to meet the family of the prince...
That's all for now.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Is there hope for me yet?

So here I am, once again surprised that I am actually writing! Yea me. So although I love to post about Poppy there really isn't much to say. I will tell you how the Prince officially proposed to the princess if you promise not to laugh at my lack of spell check. (Side note after a weekend with my mom, dad, grandma, and sister I am exhausted and will probably forget to hit the spell check button...)
So after becoming unofficially engaged the prince and princess decided to spend Christmas in Logan (Wellsville) Ut. His brother was blessing his baby and the princess wanted to meet the family. The prince flew into Las Vegas (and after asking for her ring and being denied) they spent the night in Alamo. She was so excited to be with the prince, as this visit would double the time that they had been in the same state. Although the princess was hoping for a ring for Christmas, she was not very optimistic, he kept telling her that they would pick one out together when they got back to Las Vegas after visiting hs family as he would be staying a few days). When she had visited the prince the last time, they looked at rings, but the prince just didn't want to buy one. None were quite right.
The prince and princess decided to take the whole day to travel, they would eat pizza at "The Pie" in Salt Lake and then look at the Christmas lights on temple square before arriving in Logan. She didn't really care what they did because she was happy being with the prince and in love (yea I know that is sappy, but fairy tales often are you know).
Dinner was good, but the restaurant was crowded and the happy couple ended up squeezing into the corner to sit at a wobbly table surrounded by noisy groups. How romantic!
Moving right along, the prince was very lucky because right as they parked he decided to get his jacket out of the suitcase. As the princess was side tracked by a fire truck and an ambulance, the prince retrieved his jacket with no questions asked. Holding hands they walked around temple square. The princess was so excited that she could now just hold the prince's hand without hints and rejection that she was content to just wander. Her hand was getting cold, so she stuck it in the prince's jacket pocket. He slipped his hand out quickly and the princess wondered why he was so fidgety. They admired the lights and wandered over over to where the mall used to be. Conveniently there was a horse and carriage ride. As they were standing in line the couple behind them began arguing and the guy leaned forward and said, "Hey do you want to share a carriage? They are expensive!" This was not part of the plan, so after an awkward little silence (while the prince's brain worked frantically) the prince just said, "uh no thanks. We want to be alone..." How eloquent!
On the carriage ride snuggled up behind a horse named Ralph and a chatty driver, Jason asked, "Erin will you marry me?"
She promptly said, "Not until you give me a ring!" He asked her often and she was a little irritated and wanted her ring!
He sneakily pulled something out of his pocket and asked, "Will this one do?"
Well she assured him that it would (because it was one that she had picked out).
Sorry time to sign off! I will add more later...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ummmm That didn't last

Well, now I am 26 weeks along and sadly have forgotten my resolve to post often. I feel pretty good, but am starting to be uncomfortable, swollen, achy, and always hot. For those of you who know me well you know that this is highly unusual. I have been known to be cold in Las Vegas in July! Jason is getting tired of me having to go to the bathroom and always wanting/ needing to eat! I feel huge, but people still seem to think that I barely look pregnant. Sadly our camera has no batteries and so I cannot put up pictures to let you judge for your self... the doctor said I am carrying the baby very low which is why people are unsure if I am pregnant. I had someone ask me today if I am pregnant and on Sunday if I was 4 months along yet.
We are having a girl and she is quite the gymnast. She flips, kicks, punches, and wiggles. Jason hasn't felt her kick yet, she stops as soon as he touches me. I don't think she likes him.... Don't tell him I said that!
We are starting to collect things, but it is hard to know what is a need and what is a want....
I better end before I fall asleep and this blog gets any more confusing or I start using even worse spelling and grammar... grammer... grammor.... whatever! It's past my bed time.
Sorry it is boring tonight!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Here we go again!

I am getting much better at this blogging thing! Look at this twice in one month! Thanks to all for the congrats on the baby. The bigger I get, the more excited I get! I try and wear my tightest shirts so that people can see the stomach I am developing! Still had about five comments yesterday telling me that I don't look pregnant. Great! strangers just think that I am one of those chubby people who are in denial that their skinny days are over!
I went to the doctor again and was very excited that this four months I actually gained weight instead of just feeling like I did. I got to hear the baby's heart beat again. I got a little nervous when he started looking for it. I generally am not a person who panics, but for about 30 seconds all these horror stories flashed through my mind. (Yes in 30 seconds I have time to think of many stories...) When I did hear it I was so relieved! I am really going to have a baby! Weird! Doctor said everything is good and I set the appointment to find out the gender. I am pretty excited about this. So is Jason since he will actually get to come to this appointment... Scheduling between his practicum and school and my work and school has been pretty crazy and he has missed hearing the heart beat twice.
After my appointment I got to work and the kids wanted to know all about the baby and if "it came out" this time. I told them that I got to hear the heart beat and one of them said, "did they check to see if it was dead... that's what happened on Marley and Me. The baby got dead..." One thing for sure, You cannot be sensitive around four year olds. So we had a nice talk about how sometimes babies do die...
We also have a lot of nutrition talks. I am suremy kids go home and tell their parents, "babies need lots of water, babies need oranges and carrots, babies like grapes..." They have also asked questions like how did the baby get in your stomach and how does the doctor get it out. Needlwss to say these kid won't need child development! :) I guess I better get to work cleaning! Ahhh Saturdays!